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Questions? Call us. 308.532.1111

Four Reasons to Integrate Print into Your Marketing

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Social media, email, landing pages and SEO have become the focus of marketing plans in recent years, but who remembers our dear friend, print? Printed marketing materials and direct mail can be extremely successful components of your overall strategy and branding!

Here are four reasons to integrate print into your marketing today:

  • It's personal. Variable data allows you to call your customers by name on a mailer, making them more likely to keep the advertisement.
  • It's kept. Print invokes a feeling of quality. Your customers are more likely to keep a coupon that is sent directly to their door than to remember a Facebook update.
  • It's unexpected. An average American spends over 2 hours per day on their digital device (source), but how much mail are they receiving? Besides bills and credit card offers, probably not much. Well designed, printed postcards or letters can reach your customers in an unexpected way.
  • It's effective. Email communications have an average response rate of 0.12%. A printed direct mail piece has an average response rate of 4.4%. That’s more than 36 times more effective! (Source: DMA, 2013 Response Rate Report)

Your marketing strategy should be a mixture of online and print components that allow you to present your business to customers in a consistent, branded way. If you need help developing a strategy, call our Marketing Services Consultant, Nicole Ediger, at 308-532-1111!