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Questions? Call us. 308.532.1111

Five Rules for an Awesome Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle wraps are an awesome way to get your brand noticed and also promote your services. But, there are several things to consider when designing an effective message. Don't let your wrap become a wasted opportunity for your business!

The following rules can give you a starting point for designing your vehicle wrap, so you can be confident you are making the maximum impact and getting the return on investment you hoped for.

Rule #1: Make Sure You Have a Strong Brand
The brand or logo should always be the primary message for a vehicle wrap. Be consistent throughout all of your materials, from your store signage to your vehicle wrap to your business cards. This will make more of an impact, as people will become familiar with your brand and you will move to the top of their mind when considering service providers. Your brand is the message, so take it seriously!

Rule #2: Write Down Your Goals
What is your goal for the vehicle wrap? Are you trying to push people to your website or do you want them to visit your store? Focus on one or two messages and stick with it. Your designer can then take those messages and use that information to display the most important elements prominently.

Rule #3: Limit Your Copy & Photos
Keep your list short when thinking of what to put on your vehicle wrap. We recommend a strong brand, maybe some tagline messaging, a web address, and a phone number. Excessive copy, lists, or photos will not make the impact you are looking for - remember, you only have 3 to 6 seconds to grab a potential customer's attention. Would you rather list all of your services and have none of them remembered or convey one to two memorable takeaways?

Rule #4: Design to Stand Out
The most important question to ask yourself is - how do I want people to remember my brand? What do you want to be known for? Don't get caught up in filling up the entire space, but rather focus on the best way to display your business information in a way that people can read and interpret it quickly.

Rule #5: Simple and Obvious is Key
If the viewer needs to work too hard to figure out the primary brand messaging, it’s an opportunity lost. The medium isn’t the same as print design, where the viewer can stop, absorb the advertising and try and understand the message. What is the primary message you’re hoping to leave with the viewer? Does your wrap effectively communicate it? Is it lost in the imagery? Distance legibility is, of course, a primary concern. You have very limited time to capture the viewer’s attention and have your brand and message be understood and remembered.

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